How to get support

We recommend using the following channels for the snaps required to run MicroCloud:

  • For MicroCloud: latest/[stable|candidate|edge]

  • For LXD: 5.21/[stable|candidate|edge]

  • For MicroCeph: quincy/[stable|candidate|edge]

  • For MicroOVN: 22.03/[stable|candidate|edge]


Currently, there is no LTS version of MicroCloud.

Support and community

The following channels are available for you to interact with the MicroCloud community:

Commercial support

Commercial support for MicroCloud is available through Ubuntu Pro (Ubuntu Pro (Infra-only) or full Ubuntu Pro). The support will cover all LTS versions for five years starting from the day of the release.

See the full Ubuntu Pro service description for detailed information about what support Ubuntu Pro provides.


See the MicroCloud documentation for official product documentation.

You can find additional resources on the website and in the discussion forum.